What Is Cap Digitizing



Cap digitizing, or more commonly known as the cop logo digitizing is a special kind of embroidery service. Like 3d puff, it is a very highly demanded embroidery service due to its popularity among celebrities, influencers and athletes etc.

Simply put, with cap being one of the most common merchandise, cap digitizing is a service that boost up your daily style.

Great White Logo Cap

Structured Cap Digitizing And Unstructured Cap Digitizing

Basically, there are two kinds of cap logo digitizing, with one of them being structured digitizing and other unstructured digitizing. The difference between both is quite Suttle.

DP6110 Freight cap

Structured cap logo digitizing basically refers to the embroidery of a six-panel cap. However, what makes it different from its counterpart is the fact that structured digitizing begins from the middle section of the cap towards its far ends.

In contrast, when it comes to the unstructured cap digitizing, it is mainly referred to as the embroidery over a five-panel cap with no limitation to the center out technique. Due to the non-stiff nature of its underneath fabric and its fitment of the cap frame, the fabric has to be adjusted accordingly.

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Up To The Mark Technology

While maintain our position as of one of the leading embroidery and digitizing company, we ensure that every aspect of our infrastructure is equipped with the latest and state of art technology.

Ingenious Pricing

Its not just the quality of work that makes up special. Our price to quality ratio is one of those integral aspects that make us one of the best out there in the embroidery and digitizing industry.

Modern Infrastructure

When it comes to our cap logo digitizing, Heaven digitizing is equipped with a modern infrastructure to ensure that you get the best of our services. Also, every aspect of our processes is conducted by trained professionals.